Welcome to the Klass A Auction Web Site backdoor preview. Were still making small changes so please stay with us.

How To Buy

1: Bidding

In order to bid, you must be logged in to your account.
If you do not have an account, create it here
else log in here.

To view treasures, either click an auction on the Home page or view theTreasures page.

Click the treasure you are interested in. Place your bid or use Place Automatic Bid to enter a proxy bid.

2: Pay

Once the auction is over, you will receive an email(s) detailing your winning bids. You can at any time view your bidding details on the Your Bidding Details page.

  1. On the Winning Auctions tab
  2. Click the Select Payment Due checkbox to select the treasures payment is due on.
  3. Click the Buy Now button to add the treasures to and your cart.
Buy Now Directions

IF you are planning on picking up your treasures, use the Schedule appointment area to select a date and time. You must fill in your name and then click the Schedule Appointment button. Check your order and then press the Check Out button at the bottom of the page.

Select either Ship, Pick Up or Local Delivery(if available).

Continue to payment

If you select Ship

  1. Fill in the Shipping address.
  2. Press the Continue to shipping button.
  3. Select the preferred shipping method and click the Continue to payment button.

If you select Pick Up

  1. Be sure to make a Pick Up Appointment. If you haven't, please go back to the cart page and do so.
  2. Click the Continue to payment button.

There are three payment methods, Credit Card, E-transfer or Pay at Pickup. Fill in the Billing address and check Remember me if you would like a faster experience next time.

Finally click the Pay now button.